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Welcome to the PDC!


Members of the PDC are the voices of registered Democrats in the 56 election districts throughout the Town of Perinton, NY, including the Village of Fairport. The Committee members represent their neighborhood Democrats in working to correct local problems, educate the public, work to select candidates for, and elect, Democratic candidates to public office, and carry out the progressive values of the PDC, and the Monroe County Democratic Committee. We do so in a democratic manner, inviting all Democrats to get involved.

We're looking for new Democrats to become members of the Committee, and are looking for high school and college students to work with us to find out more about how government, elections and political parties work. Please contact us to find out more.


PDC Officers:

Pat Domaratz, Leader

Lacey Jackson, Chair 

Sue Owens, Communications Officer

Nora Tuthill-Glueck, Financial Officer

PDC Sector Leaders:

Valerie Sawyko

Matthew Brown

Josh Foladare

Basil Barrett

Elizabeth Morabito

Donna Alexander

Local Elected Officials:

Julie Domaratz, Fairport Mayor

Timothy Slisz, Fairport Trustee

Matthew Brown Fairport Trustee

Emily Mischler, Fairport Trustee-elect

Michael Folino, Fairport Trustee-elect

Meredith Stockman-Broadbent, Perinton Town Councilmember-elect

John Baynes, Monroe County Legislator-elect (District 18)

What We Stand For...
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