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Jeremy Jordan

For Perinton Town Council

  • Prioritize sustainability by investing in green initiatives

  • Improve accessibility to town programs for all residents

  • Increase Town Council transparency and citizen participation

  • Strengthen the ethics board to protect citizen interests

Facebook: Jeremy Jordan for Perinton Town Council

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Steve Flemming

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For Perinton Town Council

  • ​Include residents' views in the process of town real-estate development

  • Enhance safety and accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists

  • Limit the impact of the landfill on residents

  • Eliminate conflicts of interest for town officials

Facebook: Steve Flemming for Town Board

Charles Steinman

For Perinton Town Justice

 "I believe that justice must be equal for all and that everyone has the right to be heard. I have spent my life defending these rights on the local, state and federal level."

  • Over 47 years of trial and appellate experience in state and federal courts in Western New York, including every Town Court in Monroe County

  • Former N.Y.S. Assistant Attorney General, Special Assistant Public Defender, City of Rochester Municipal Attorney, Senior Counsel with Harris Beach, PLLC

  • 30 year resident of Perinton

Facebook:  steinman4justice

Susan Boynton-Frykholm

For Perinton Town Clerk

"I understand the importance of well-run government that works, first and foremost, for the benefit of residents."

  • Served as Deputy Clerk in the Town of Perinton

  • Dedication to customer service and fiscal responsibility

  • Proven ability to access Covid-19 recovery grant funds

  • Committed to serving the complete four-year term as Town Clerk

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