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Josh Foladare

For County Legislator - 11th District 

(Fairport - Northeast Perinton)

  • Growing Jobs and Helping Small Businesses

  • Honest Budgets and Controlled Spending

  • Fighting for Our Children and Families

  • Protecting Our Environment and Quality of Life


Facebook: @joshformonroecounty

Instagram: @votejoshfoladare


John Baynes

Incumbent County Legislator - 18th District

 (Southwest Perinton)

Ranking Minority Member on the Planning and Economic Development Committee and serving on the Recreation and Education Committee


  • Recovery through collaboration: working with Adam Bello and the business community

  • Fair treatment and contracts for county employees

  • Support first responders and essential workers

  • Reform county charter to empower citizens, not political bosses

  • Overcome division: we are ONE Monroe County


Facebook: @baynesformonroe

Twitter: @baynesformonroe

Instagram: baynesjohnburns

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