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“We need to do what it takes to keep our village vibrant and growing for residents and businesses alike. A village we can be proud of for generations to come.“    

                            - Julie

Julie Domaratz is an experienced problem solver and determined advocate.

As Mayor she would be committed to:


- Fairport government should communicate often, accurately and transparently with it’s citizens and businesses.

- Up to date meeting agendas should be posted online so that citizens can know what to expect at meetings.

- The village’s website and social media information should be correct and timely.

Economic Development

- The village must develop a small business friendly environment which encourages the creation and growth of  Fairport businesses.

- Create incentives for the elimination  or development of long vacant commercial structures which hold back adjacent neighborhoods.

- Create incentives to development of vacant “zombie” housing causing unsafe conditions for neighboring homes.

Public Safety

- Enforce speed limits through use of radar speed signs, temporary speed humps and other means to keep our village walkable and bikeable.

- Mark and maintain crosswalks, employ solar powered signs and flashing beacons to notify motorists of pedestrian crossing the street in high traffic areas.

Infrastructure Maintenance

- Sidewalk and road repairs caused by sewer lateral pipe damage paid by the village, not the homeowner, saving homeowners thousands of dollars.

- The crumbling Thomas Creek Bridge, running under North Main Street ,is listed as the 7th most unsafe bridge in Monroe County and needs immediate attention.

- Regular repair and replace schedules for roadways, sidewalks and other infrastructure maintenance.

Julie (Teachman) grew up in the village of Fairport and graduated from Fairport High School, class of 1980. In 2015, she had the opportunity, with her husband Pat, to move back to the house she grew up in. A home that has been in Julie's family for over 50 years.

For almost 20 years Julie was employed by Xerox, where she worked as a problem solver and customer advocate for regional and global programs. Currently she teaches yoga and coaches individuals to a healthy lifestyle and women’s leadership. When Julie was raising her son, Sean, in a neighboring town, she was active in her community and town government. She fought against changes in zoning that caused  dramatic increases in commercial construction encroaching near a growing residential area. Julie fought increases in traffic threatening safety of children and pedestrians, and served on a town committee giving advice for the construction of a proposed community center. She was also appointed as a member of the town's Parks & Recreation Committee. Julie now volunteers with No One Left Behind and the Fairport Historical Society. Community service is not an option for Julie, it's a way of life.

Including people in decision making is a hallmark of Julie's leadership style. This past summer she led a neighborhood effort to question a proposed drive thru take out window for a North Main Street convenience store which would have backed up traffic onto residential streets during peek traffic hours and create more early morning and late night light and noise pollution. She contacted the COO of the store owners and convened a representative committee of neighbors to meet with the COO. The result was a better plan to renovate the store, create an outdoor dining area, add a new sub shop and bicycle racks - without a drive thru window. The renovations will add to the Village's streetscape and add to the walkability and bike-ability of our village when renovations are completed in 2019.

"Fairport has unlimited potential. It will take a leader with a new approach, fresh ideas and the ability to harness the vision of its citizens for Fairport to flourish for generations to come."

Julie is that leader. One of us, for all of us.


How Can You Help Work for a Better Fairport?

  • Host a coffee with Village neighbors and friends

  • Walk your neighborhood to ask neighbors to support Julie

  • Make phone calls to voters to remind them to vote

  • Host a small dollar fundraiser in your home

  • Offer skills not mentioned here

Thank You! Message received.

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