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Andrew Gilchrist

For Perinton Supervisor

  • Fight for transparency, accountability, and fiscal responsibility in government.

  • Fight to incorporate waste-to-energy technology to reduce the environmental impact of our trash, provide electricity at a lower cost, and save tax dollars.

  • Partner with our citizens to address the issues at High Acres Landfill to make clean air and minimal environmental impact a priority to restore a higher quality of life for Perinton.

Facebook: @Gilchristforperinton

Twitter: @Votegilchrist



For Perinton Town Council

  • Improve local government transparency

  • Plan for parks that grow with families and have activities for tweens such as a mountain bike skills park or a skate park.

  • Better partnership and planning between the Town of Perinton, the Fairport Central School District and the Village of Fairport

  • Construct a Town vision and configure planning/zoning accordingly, particularly when considering new housing developments on the east side of Perinton

  • Reduce the amount of garbage coming from outside Monroe County to High Acres Landfill

Facebook: @meredithforperinton

Instagram: @meredithforperintontownboard

Jeremy Jordan

For Perinton Town Council

  • Stop the flow of garbage into High Acres landfill from outside of Monroe County.

  • Make town communication to residents technologically current.

  • Invest and implement green initiatives and sustainable landscaping.

  • Increase availability to park restrooms.

Facebook: @jeremyforperinton



For Perinton Town Council

  • Look into sustainable options that positively affect the future and health of the environment of our town and people.

  • Facilitate participation in the decision-making processes so that it is inclusive, thus meeting the needs of the diversity of citizens in Perinton.

  • Create programs and activities for young adults and professionals, and work on the accessibility of the programs for children and seniors.

Facebook: @DaliaforPerinton

Instagram: @daliaforperintontownboard

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