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Welcome to the PDC!


Members of the Perinton Democratic Committee are the voices of registered Democrats in the 56 election districts throughout the Town of Perinton, NY including the Village of Fairport. Committee members represent their neighborhood Democrats in finding solutions to local problems, educating the public, recruiting Democratic candidates to run for office, and assisting these candidates in winning elections. We carry out the progressive values of both the PDC, and the Monroe County Democratic Committee in a democratic, inviting, and inclusive manner with the goal of having more people actively involved and joining our exciting and dynamic committee.

The Democratic Party is now the largest political party of enrolled voters in the Town of Perinton. This extraordinary growth demonstrates that we are an effective, vibrant, growing voice for Perinton voters at a time when other major political parties have seen their numbers steadily decrease.

We are looking for new Democrats to become members of the Committee and invite high school and college students to join us in order to both participate and learn more about how government, elections, and political parties work. Please contact us to find out more.

PDC Officers:

Matt Brown, Leader

Val Sawyko. Chair

Lacey Jackson, Communications Officer

Adam Besch-Turner, Financial Officer

Local Elected Officials:

Julie Domaratz, Fairport Mayor

Emily Mischler, Fairport Trustee

Adam Bonosky, Fairport Trustee

Tracy Briggs, Fairport Trustee

Heidi Woika, Fairport Trustee

Charles Steinman, Perinton Town Justice

Gary Muldoon, Perinton Town Justice

Meredith Stockman-Broadbent, Perinton Town Councilmember

Michael Folino, Perintin Town Councilmember

John Baynes, Monroe County Legislator (District 11)

Lystra Bartholomew McCoy, Monroe County Legislator (District 18)


Act locally

While international, national, and statewide events affect our community, we can best act to solve problems at the community level. By focusing locally, we can have the greatest impact on improving our community, state, and country.


Make democratic action habit-forming

We work with other community partners and campaigns on a year-round basis to improve our community. Our values do not rest after an election cycle is complete. Join us and find our what YOU can do to put your values into action!


Act strategically with time, talent & funds

Candidates, volunteers and supporters graciously donate their time, talent, and funds to be actively involved in our Committee and community. We act in a way that prioritizes the best results with these precious resources.

Perinton Democratic Committee Priorities
Perinton Democratic Committee Bylaws

What do committee members do?

- Circulate petitions for Democratic candidates nominated by the PDC and the MCDC

- Volunteer to help with candidate campaigning

- Assist with fund raising for the PDC and candidates

- Allow democratic candidates to display yard sign(s) in the yards of committee members

- Represent the interests of registered Democrats in your election district to the PDC and the MCDC


What are the benefits of being a committee member?


- Represent registered democrats in your local neighborhood

- Participate to help strengthen our local democracy

- Elect officers of the PDC

- Vote to designate candidates for village, town, and county elected offices

- Vote on by-law revisions

- Serve as officers or sector leaders of the PDC

- Participate and vote in meetings of the Monroe County Democratic Committee (MCDC)

For more information about joining the Perinton Democratic Committee email us at:​

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